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Tips For Selecting Caskets In Singapore

In the aftermath of a loved one’s death, a great many details need to be taken care of. The decision-making involved in planning a funeral can be overwhelming to the deceased’s next of kin. That is why some people are pre-planning their funerals, often in partnership with their loved ones, in order to relieve family members of that burden later on. In planning for a funeral, one important task is choosing a casket.


Caskets can be made of several different types of material. The most common caskets are made of wood, usually pine, cherry, maple, oak, walnut, or mahogany. Each type of wood has a distinct color and grain pattern. Wooden caskets are finished to resemble elegant pieces of furniture. A polished wooden casket is elegant and classic. Caskets can also be made of metal. Metal is less expensive than wood, in general, and it can be painted in any color, style, or pattern desired. Some funeral homes also offer biodegradable caskets, made of materials like recycled paper, wool, bamboo, and sea grass, to name a few.


Another choice to make is the size of the casket. Caskets are typically made in standard sizes for adults, children, and infants, so for most customers, the choice is fairly simple. However, some people may prefer a custom-made coffin to accommodate a larger-than-average size.


The interior of the coffin is lined with a soft fabric. For families who plan an open-casket funeral service, where friends and family members have the chance to pay a final visit to the deceased, the interior material and color is an important choice. Most caskets are lined with either crepe or velvet, and the fabrics are usually available in a variety of colors that can complement the color of the exterior.

The choice of a casket is a personal one, and there is really no wrong decision. Pre-planning a funeral gives a person the opportunity to make choices that express his or her personality and to give loved ones the satisfaction of knowing that the eventual funeral is exactly what he or she wanted. Check out this website to see an array of available Caskets in Singapore.