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Find a Business Name from Inspiration

The business name a person chooses needs to be carefully considered. The name should not be something already associated with someone or something else. It should also not be a person’s own name, unless they are forever willing to have their name associated with this business venture. It just takes a little inspiration to find a business name that will hold out well over time, and truly make the company one’s own.

Consider a Lifelong Friend

Rather than using one’s own name for a business, a person could consider the name of a lifelong friend, or even family member. This way, a name is used that is dear to their heart, and there is some meaning behind the choice.

Think About the Acronym

Many people shorten business names to make them easier to remember. If the name is more than one word, it could possibly be referred to by its acronym. No one wants to name their business something special, only to find out the acronym that people associate with it is less than ideal. A store named Belicia’s Shoes, for example, would have the acronym B.S. This is a less than pleasant abbreviation that most would not want to associate with. Choosing something like Belicia’s Boots would be a better option.

Check for Domain Name and Email Duplicates

Once a name has been selected, it is still not set in stone completely. Business owners should first check for domain name and email duplicates. This means a search is in order. The owner must look up the name they have decided on and figure out if there is already some place out there with that moniker. It is usually best to have a domain name online for a site that matches well with what the actual name is. It makes it easier for potential customers or clients to find. The email should be something similar as well, so this is an important step of the process to complete.

Those that are still struggling with a name can gain some inspiration by visiting little pink book. The website is designed to offer inspiration in all aspects of business and life. The right company name may be waiting there.